Beyond Imagination, A New Reality Awaits, by Elsie Spittle


Through a collection of short stories, Else shares how the 3 Principles entered & impacted her own life & then how they relate to business & personal relationships. Her warmth, simplicity, & clarity offer hope for well-being & life transformation.

Wisdom for Life, Three Principles for Well-being, by Elsie Spittle


Elsie shares heartfelt stories about how people in all walks of life & through many circumstances are discovering hope & insight by uncovering their own inner wisdom.

Our True Identity…Three Principles, by Elsie Spittle


With a spirit of warmth, hope, transparency, & wisdom, Elsie shares how she discovered her own identity & how everyone can. This identity lies innately within each of us, &, understanding that, we realize that we create our own life experiences by how we think. This is our source of transformation.…Three+Principles

Somebody Should Have Told Us!, by Jack Pransky


Proverbs states, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Jack presents the simple truth that it is our thinking that creates our reality of life. It is our thinking that creates how we feel & act. The truth of this understanding uncovers our well-being & wisdom.

The Missing Link, by Sydney Banks

This is a foundational book to understanding the Principles of Mind, Thought, & Consciousness.